Sunday, June 17, 2007

RISC and coding

I just returned from the workshop at RISC where I was with Mateusz. We met a lot of interesting people there and did some coding together, so I really enjoyed that. And we decided we should try to come together again and do some coding. I checked with Robert and he also likes the idea.

So the preliminary proposition is to meet in Prague at the end of August or the beginning of September, currently me, Mateusz and Robert should be able to make it. It's a lot more enjoyable to work together, because you can discuss things more quickly and more work is done. We will join it with sightseeing and pubs of course. Let us know, if anyone else would like to attend. We will discuss the details later. Most of you are in the US, but those in Europe could take it as a trip to Prague. :)

The topic will be anyting that interests us, from fixing bugs, to discussing features, implementing new things, creating some nice examples or nontrivial new usages of SymPy.

As to less distant future - most of the most urgent bugs are fixed, so I will release 0.4.0 tomorrow.