Sunday, July 14, 2013

SymPy 0.7.3 is released

I'm happy to announce the release of SymPy 0.7.3.  It can be
downloaded from The release
notes for this release are at

To update SymPy, you can use pip install sympy --upgrade or download
the source and use install. SymPy has no dependencies.

Some highlights:

  • Improved integrate() with the Risch algorithm, and it now splits integrals into Piecewise more often. Support for more special functions.
  • Basic infrastructure for the PDE module.
  • Many improvements to the matrix expressions, and assumptions relating to them.
  • New context manager for the new assumptions (with assuming(...)).
  • This will be the last version of SymPy to support Python 2.5.
  • Many bug fixes.

Note: I suspect that these release notes are still not complete. If
you know of any new major change in this release that is not there,
please edit the wiki page and add it.

The following people contributed at least one patch to this release
(names are given in alphabetical order by last name). A total of 85
people contributed to this release. People with a * by their names
contributed a patch for the first time for this release; 56 people
contributed for the first time for this release.

I particularly want to thank Ondrej, who helped set up an
infrastructure for automating this release, without with this release
would not have been possible.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release!

  • Acebulf*
  • Akshit Agarwal*
  • Ankit Agrawal*
  • Tom Bachmann
  • Madeleine Ball*
  • Raoul Bourquin
  • Christian Bühler
  • CJ Carey*
  • Ondřej Čertík
  • Mary Clark*
  • Chris Conley*
  • Renato Coutinho
  • Björn Dahlgren*
  • Christopher Dembia*
  • Guru Devanla
  • Rishabh Dixit*
  • Alexander Eberspächer*
  • Pavel Fedotov
  • Benjamin Fishbein*
  • Sean Ge*
  • Gilbert Gede
  • Brian E. Granger
  • Angus Griffith*
  • Chetna Gupta*
  • Ananya H*
  • Randy Heydon*
  • Alexander Hirzel*
  • Thomas Hisch*
  • hm*
  • Matthew Hoff*
  • Case Van Horsen*
  • Katja Sophie Hotz*
  • Max Hutchinson*
  • Sachin Irukula
  • Sergiu Ivanov
  • Amit Jamadagni*
  • Saurabh Jha
  • Sachin Joglekar*
  • Varun Joshi*
  • Robert Kern
  • Sergey B Kirpichev*
  • Stefan Krastanov
  • Manoj Kumar*
  • Patrick Lacasse*
  • Ronan Lamy
  • Colleen Lee*
  • Oliver Lee*
  • David Li
  • Stephen Loo*
  • Huijun Mai*
  • Aaron Meurer
  • Angadh Nanjangud
  • Eric Nelson*
  • Sherjil Ozair
  • Mateusz Paprocki
  • Tarang Patel*
  • Khagesh Patel*
  • Mario Pernici
  • Luke Peterson
  • Tyler Pirtle*
  • Vasily Povalyaev*
  • Seshagiri Prabhu*
  • Pradyumna*
  • Roland Puntaier*
  • Bharath M R
  • Shravas K Rao*
  • Thilina Rathnayake*
  • Timothy Reluga*
  • Julien Rioux
  • Matthew Rocklin
  • Christophe Saint-Jean*
  • Prasoon Shukla*
  • Chris Smith
  • Cristóvão Sousa
  • Brian Stephanik*
  • Marek Šuppa*
  • Tim Swast*
  • Grzegorz Świrski
  • Matthew Tadd*
  • Niklas Thörne*
  • Ramana Venkata*
  • Sean Vig
  • Demian Wassermann*
  • Erik Welch*
  • Stefen Yin*

Monday, April 8, 2013

Google Summer of Code 2013

SymPy was accepted by Google once again to participate in Google Summer of Code for 2013. Please go to for more information about how to apply and get started.