Thursday, August 23, 2007

Summer of Code summary

Summer of Code deadline has passed, now is the evaluation period, however I think I can already say, that it was a success, since all projects were finished.

Here is some statistics

ondra@fuji:~/sympy$ svn log |grep ondrej | wc -l
ondra@fuji:~/sympy$ svn log |grep inferno | wc -l
ondra@fuji:~/sympy$ svn log |grep fredrik | wc -l
ondra@fuji:~/sympy$ svn log |grep mattpap | wc -l
ondra@fuji:~/sympy$ svn log |grep lethargo | wc -l
ondra@fuji:~/sympy$ svn log |grep brian | wc -l
ondra@fuji:~/sympy$ svn log |grep pearu | wc -l
ondra@fuji:~/sympy$ svn log |grep Chris.Wu | wc -l

But one shouldn't draw too many conclusions from that, because people like me prefer to commit very often and people like Mateusz prefer to work offline and then commit when they have a bigger debugged chunk of code ready. Also the logs start with the sympy-merge branch, that was created on July 19. So everything before that (Pearu's contribution and everything that happened before the merging) is not present in the statistics. Another statistics are the Issues changes mailinglist, I did a search for all the names:

Ondrej 974
Fabian 335
Jason 227
Fredrik 151
Robert 104
Mateusz 88
Pearu 76
Brian 65
Chris 28

The above table are all issues from the beginning of the project. Fabian was the most active and then Jason is catching up recently. :)

One should have in mind the old joke though: There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.

I'd like to thank all of you for bringing SymPy this far. Basically all major things are working, now comes the phase of polishing things and reducing the number of open Issues and improving doctests, so that SymPy is very easy to use for newcomers.

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