Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Accepted GSoC Students Announced

So Google has announced the results of Google Summer of Code. I am proud to announce that we got nine slots from Google. The following projects have been accepted:

(Project, Student, Mentor, Link to proposal on the wiki)
  • Definite Integration using Meijer G-functions, Tom Bachmann, Aaron Meurer, Proposal
  • PyDy, Gilbert Gede, Luke Peterson, Proposal
  • Position and Momentum Bases for Quantum Mechanics, Tomo Lazovich, Brian Granger, Proposal
  • Combinatorics package for Sympy, Saptarshi Mandal, Christian Muise, Proposal
  • Symbolic Linear Algebra, Sherjil Ozair, Vinzent Steinberg, Proposal
  • Porting to Python 3, Vladimir Perić, Ronan Lamy, Proposal
  • SymPy Stats: Random Variables, Matthew Rocklin, Andy Terrel, Proposal
  • Symbolic Clebsch-Gordon coefficients/Wigner symbols and Implementing Addition of Spin Angular Momenta, Sean Vig, Ondřej Čertík, Proposal
  • Implementing F5, Jeremias Yehdegho, Mateusz Paprocki, Proposal

Join me in congratulating these students on their acceptance.
In case you don't know for some reason, Google Summer of Code is a program where Google pays students to write code for open source projects. SymPy was accepted as a mentoring organization this year. The goal of the summer is to help the students learn new skills, in particular in our case:
  • contributing to open source
  • working with the community
  • learn git, pull requests, reviews
  • teach them how to review other's people patches
  • do useful work for SymPy
  • have fun, and encourage the students to stay around

Also see the previous blog post about it.

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